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Finding the right office coffee machine for your company should be easy. Let’s start with your company size.
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Benefits of Renting our Coffee Machines

We’ve made accessing state of the art office coffee machines a reality for all businesses from 10 Employees to 1000.

While all of our machines are available for rent & purchase, we also offer rental plans.

You can take advantage of free coffee machine servicing every four to six weeks and all our office solution packages

There is no paperwork or lock-in contract and no setup costs.

so you can lease or rent your office coffee machine without any hassle. Best of all, renting with 7 Days coffee is 100% tax deductible! The benefits of hiring a machine don’t end with your bottom line, however. Having a state of the art office coffee machine means employees no longer have to leave the workplace to get that delicious, barista-style brew they crave—it’s always a swivel away. You’ll not only be doing your employees and your workplace productivity favour, but the environment will also thank you for reducing the number of disposable cups ending up in a landfill.   

Why Were Called HQT Coffee

    Coffee is an essential part of our days and we aim to make it an essential part of yours. 
   Our company called HQT Coffee Service,emanates our basic passion where all aspects of fine coffee are concerned.
   We sell or hire out and service quality office coffee makers in Shenzhen and the Pearl River Delta wide and deliver fresh coffee beans to workplaces regularly.
   HQT Coffee Service can take care of all your office coffee requirements to guarantee that your are supplied with quality coffee all day long in the Pearl River Delta workplace or follwing:Shanghai,Beijing,Wuhan,Xian,Hainan...
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 Shops For Overseas' Buyer:

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东莞市咖啡行业协会   云南省咖啡行业协会

1.One of the most important of these is the measurement of ground coffee, which essentially needs to be original quality;
2.An excellent coffee machine;
3.An optimum water temperature;
4.A perfect measurement of quality coffee beans ground in the correct way ;
5.An operator or barista who knows exactly how to handle the coffee machine;
6. proper maintenance service for your coffee machine;
7.Find a good coffee materials supplier.

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