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included in our rental and purchase plans are the following benefits:

  • Delivery and installation of your coffee machine to a prepared site.

  • On site programming and set up.

  • Staff training by our coffee experts.

  • Full break down cover five days per week (*)

  • Replacement machine should we be unable to promptly repair your machine on site (*)

  • Free telephone technical support (*)

  • (*) included in purchase plan if coffee exclusively purchased from Corporate Coffee Solutions

Coffee Machine Maintenance and frequently asked questions:

  • There was water spilling out of the handle while extracting the coffee

  • There's no steam or the coffee's not hot

  • Steam or hot water dripping

  • The handle doesn't make coffee. The machine makes noise

  • The flow rate is too slow when extracting coffee

  • .......

    Additional Machine Maintenance and repair basic quotation:

    1) machine maintenance and overhaul: ¥390(including normal tax invoice)

        including internal tubes/parts cleaning, milk foamer cleaning, grinder cleaning adjustment, coffee        aroma balance/cup volume adjustment, machine internal overhaul... .

    2) if parts are found to be in need of replacement during the inspection and repair process,

        additional parts maintenance costs will be incurred and prices will be quoted in advance as appropriate . .

   (If you have any questions, please contact us)


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